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Signage is a prominent marketing tool to make your business stand out from competitors. The signage world has seen a revolution and has improved so much that people use the most advanced form of technology for the sign board. If you see the statistics, the signage market in the United States has seen a CAGR growth of 2.5% from 2020 to 2022, which will increase in the coming years. The sign board manufacturers in Chennai are the best in providing the signages from the fundamental to advanced level to meet all the business requirements.

There is a series of choices when it comes to the metal plates which are elegant and simple for your store. Hence, in this post, let us see the 3 best materials for your nameplates which test time. The sign board manufacturers use these three metals commonly to create metal nameplates.


The foremost metal used by many sign board manufacturers is aluminum. It is one such material that is found abundantly in our country. You can find a wide range of aluminum applications, from producing soda cans to aircraft parts. The best part of including aluminum in the nameplates is they are incredibly durable and light in weight.

Similarly, these materials are ideal for making metal plates because of their versatility. The aluminum name plate can withstand extreme weather conditions and chemical reactions. However, certain processes that you incorporate into the metal plates can impact the durability of the plates.

For example, if your metal plates include screen printing, the ink in the letters fades away quickly and wears off over time. So, choosing MetalPhoto designs can make your metal plates last longer because they are embedded within the material.

Hence, choose the aluminum metal letters Chennai that are embossed or stamped for your outdoor sign board.

Stainless steel:

Another material commonly used in producing metal plates is stainless steel. It is one of the versatile materials that can support any type of technology. The concern in using stainless steel in signage is that they are heavy. Adhesives, drilling, or welding are the common methods to make your metal nameplates stick. Stainless steel uses the welding method and works much faster compared to aluminum and brass.

Similar to aluminum nameplates, stainless steel nameplates are durable and can withstand any extreme weather conditions. The process incorporated to engrave the information on the stainless steel metal nameplates also impacts the material’s longevity. For example, embossed steel nameplates last for 20+ years while etched plates last 5-10 years. The name board makers in Chennai suggest using stainless steel nameplates for outdoor signage.


Thirdly, you can use brass for the nameplates, and suitable for any type of technology. Business owners mostly use brass nameplates in the environment, which is highly subject to water and electric power. It is also considerably softer than other nameplates materials and is seen in golden color. It also incorporates etched, embossed, cable ties, and stamped processes.

Hence, these are the commonly used metals in the nameplates. Get your customized metal nameplates from Hitech Vision, the best manufacturers of LED sign boards in Chennai, to meet your business requirements.

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