3D Signage Metal (Aluminium / Brass (SS)) Letters in Chennai


Metal Letters Chennai

One of the best 3D signage makers in Chennai, Hitech Vision is dedicated to creating three dimensional signage and letters that add an impact to your business’s appearance, and resonate with your powerful brand image. We design metal letters, cast letters, and plastic letters in different patterns, colors and designs to deliver to you the perfect dimensional letters that cater to your business’s needs, requirements, and preferences. We have an in house team of leading design experts, technical experts, and content strategists who design, develop, create and deliver 3D letters and signage according to your business’s requirements. The metal letters are painted with the color scheme of your choice, and we carefully design the color palette to ensure that it enhances the visual appeal and presence of the letters and signage.

Hitech Vision offers the best 3D Metal Letters in Chennai for Corporate Identity Programs (CID), Petrol stations, Banks, IT Parks, Multiplex theatres, Shopping Malls, Industrial Parts, Retail outlets, Restaurant.

3D Signage letters are signages which has a depth or in other words a third dimension. These signs stands apart from the regular flat surfaced signboards, and grab the attention. Hitech Vision offer 3D signage letters in various materials like Aluminium, Brass, Foam, Polyurethane, Acrylic, GI & SS. 3D signage letters can be fixed on any surface like glass, plywood, wall, block etc., These signs has come to speak to demonstrate skills in banks, schools & numerous different structures of significance.

3D Signage Chennai made with metal is also called Metal sign or Metal letters. Hitech Vision offers Cast Metal signs like Cast Aluminium letters, Cast Brass letters. Metal letters are also offered as router cut sign in stainless steel (SS) letters or Aluminium letters. Plastic signs are also offered in 3D signs like laser cut acrylic letters, Foam letters, and polyurethane letters. Laser cutting process ensures smooth finish on the soft plastic.

These letters are polyurethane painted or powder coated to the required colour specification of the customer. Generally metal signs are used for exterior or outdoor application, such as buildings & Compound walls. Plastic signs such as Acrylic letters and foam letters are used for interior application such as Reception signs or interior Building Directory signboards.

Plastic letters are appropriate to cutting with a laser machine: Wide choice of Plastics, thicknesses and grades can be laser-sliced to make a delight ful picture, logo or outline. Hitech Vision contains a team of professionals, Sign creators, planners and a group of experienced staff committed to giving our customers exactness unfailingly. From easy to complex plans, multi layer mixes and multi material mixes, our particular signage office can laser cut your letters and shapes comfortably.

Materials we are using to make the letters are high-quality stainless steel alloy, which guarantees a better resistance against metal corrosion even in challenging weather conditions. We expertise in making premium 3D metal letters in attractive silver color, also in titanium finishing and gold coating, based on client’s requirement. Our Metal letters easily attract the viewers and create a good impression towards the brand.

Planned in house, our group can make any document suitable for Laser Cutting, demonstrate to you best practices draw way lengths or we can set up the cutting record for you. Our preference is CorelDraw or Illustrator.

Proficient 3D stainless steel sign letters are especially designed from top notch Stainless 304 grade Steel. Hitech Vision additionally produce lit up 3D Sign letters in Stainless steel with LED and Neon.

Hitech Vision is committed to giving your organization the most idea results, most recent advancements and alternatives and utilizing systems to lessen your expenses.

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