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Chrome Signage made of ABS plastic that has been injection moulded and is chrome plated. We have a vast choice of applications and Signage styles to choose from. It has a good reputation for having a good appearance and being inexpensive for both indoor and outdoor signage.

ABS plastic chromed House Numbers and Letters are composed of high-quality injection-moulded ABS plastic.

The procedure ensures that production is increased immediately. The standard hue is dark grey and chromed, however it can be painted to match your decor. The use of a high-quality chrome finish enhances the appearance of objects.

Aesthetically pleasing, having a good stereo effect and a plain metallic feel.

This chromed ABS plastic toilet sign is made of high-quality injection-molded ABS plastic. 

The procedure ensures that production is increased immediately.

The standard colour is dark grey, but any colour can be painted as needed.

It has an artificial leather texture that gives it a unique and elegant appearance. 

Made of ABS plastic with an artificial leather texture,a unique and elegant appearance. 

Surface with a high level of emulation for a leather textured impression.



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