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common materials used in indoor signage

When you hear the term signage, what comes into your mind? Something big and filled with colors and light, right? Yes, it is. It is the effect of using signage that never fades away from memory. They say visual impressions last longer than others. It is the marketing strategy used by business owners to attract more customers and promote their brand worldwide. But, have you ever thought about what materials are used in these boards? Hardly, right? The name board makers in Chennai use different combinations of materials and chemicals in their signboards to attract customers. There are two different signages, namely indoor and outdoor signage. Both the scenarios use the same type of materials but depend on the customer’s requirements. Hence, in this post, let us see the most common materials used in indoor signage.


Vinyl is the ideal choice for indoor signage. The vinyl signage Chennai is used in window graphics, banners, and decals. A thin sheet of vinyl is sufficient to serve different purposes. Vinyl is known for its flexibility and durability. The different types of vinyl used in the signage are gloss, etched, frosted, and many more. If you want a stiff and inflexible material as a signboard, then vinyl is not your choice. These are an excellent choice for graphics that can be changed or removed as per convenience. With the help of frames and poles, you can hang these banners in and around your workplace. You can use vinyl with adhesive as a label and apply to walls and doors.


It is a polystyrene foam core that is used for temporary purposes. The advantage of foamcore is, they have a professional look and can be laminated on both sides with a coated-paper stock. It is used to make displays of easel signs, custom-shaped signs, kiosks, and more. It is light in weight and inexpensive. They are commonly used for trade shows, meetings, seminars, and events. If you want classy-looking signage for temporary use, then foam core will be the right choice. You can always purchase them from an LED board manufacturer in Chennai.


Acrylic sign boards are the sturdiest and transparent material compared to other signboards. It is lightweight and can be also used as a cover over other signage. You may use acrylic for three-dimensional logos or letters to give a professional look. Acrylics are resistant to chipping, fading, and cracking. Hence, acrylics are used as signage indoors and outdoors as well.

Corrugated plastic:

It is plastic cardboard, a popular type of indoor signage. Corrugated plastic consists of zig-zagged plastic sandwiched between the sheets of plastic. They are used for long and short-term applications. It is not as durable as acrylic hence used as indoor directional signs to show a trade stall or to promote a retail store. Corrugated plastic is commonly used as yard signs.

Hence, these materials are also used in home sign boards due to their excellent characteristics and properties. Therefore, signboards with the right materials and high quality will attract everyone who passes through the store.

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