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HiTech Vision is one of the leading digital signage companies, offering digital signages in Chennai, across India and across the globe. We are the experts in both indoor and outdoor digital signage, and offer highly customized services to our customers with our skill, knowledge and experience. Digital signage is the way to the future; it is a cost effective and energy efficient means of sending across your messages with the advantage of reaching vast audiences without any added costs or maintenance. We offer digital signage for different purposes and requirements, everything from advertising, to menu lists, information display, internal digital signage, and much more.

We also offer two way digital signage, which are touch controlled and significantly lower labor requirements and costs, and lead to greater efficiency. In our two and a half decade of rich experience in the sign board industry, we have worked with a distinct and diverse range of clients and customers, and have catered to different needs, requirements and preferences. We use the latest technology and the top experts in designing and creating digital signage to remain the top amongst the digital signage companies in Chennai. Being a relatively newer addition to the sign board industry, it is very important that the digital signages for your business are designed by a team of experts.

Digital signages use technologies such as LCD, LED to display content such as digital images, video, streaming video and information.
Hitech Vision offers Digital signs for many different applications .Below are some of the most common uses of digital sign:

1. Information to public – weather,news, traffic and local information, like building directory with map, fire exit routes and tourist information.

2. Internal information – Employee messages, such as health & fitness, news,news etc.

3. Menu information – Information on pricing,Images of the food, ingredients, and other information like, nutritional values.

4. Advertising – Promotional information of products or services

5. Brand building – Promoting a brand with the ads,Images for both indoor as well as outdoor applications.

6. Influencing customer behavior – directing clients to different areas, increasing the the time a customer spends on the store premises,

7. Enhancing customer experience – Information like the reduction of perceived wait time in the waiting areas of bank queues,restaurants and other retail operations, and displaying recipes in food stores,etc

8. Fashion Store Dressing Room – Helps customers to choose different dresses inside a apparel store

9. Enhancing the environment – with interactive touch screens helping with “Route footsteps” found in some tourist attractions, museums,hospitals,malls with “dynamic way finding” solution.

Digital contents on the signage usually presented in text, images, video formats. The text can be either scrolling text or dynamically updated via external feed source. Images are generally scrolling images in the format of digital advertising, posters, videos are generally in the format of commercial advertisements like relay of concerts etc.,

Apart from this touch screen digital displays are also available which allows two way communication with the users, while the users are engaged in the touch screens it helps the advertisers to understand the customer behaviors.

Digital signages are broadly available in the range of 32” to 85”. The recent innovation in digital signage technology results in complete outdoor signages which can be viewed in broad sunlight and are being offered with weather proof cabinets.

Hitech Vision offers digital signages from reputed manufacturers across the globe.

Hitech Vision offers the best Digital Signage in Chennai for Corporate Identity Programs (CID), Petrol stations, Banks, IT Parks, Multiplex theatres, Shopping Malls, Industrial Parts, Retail outlets, Restaurant.

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