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Open Neon Sign

We are one of the renowned sign board manufacturers in Chennai. Open neon is extensively used for Cafes, Shops, Malls, Hotels, etc. We provide fabricated neon signs made with all precision and the latest techniques. The open neon signs will be visible from a long distance too. Neon signs have tremendous demand in the market, it just not serves the purpose but looks aesthetically pleasing. Hitech Vision offers a gorgeous customized both neon open closed sign. These are made with High-quality raw material and high-end machines. Customize as per your requirement, in your required size, shape, thickness. Open sign light is made durable, long lasting, brighter, and provides the best value for your business.

Neon Sign

Beautiful and unique shapes designed neon signs for decorations to create the atmosphere that you want. Easy and simple to use, take it as your way, hang it on the wall or place it on the table. Neon sign board for decorating gifting on birthday, Valentine’s, Christmas gifts or use it for commercial use for shops, hotels, malls, etc. Hitech Vision is leading Name Boards Makers in Chennai.

We offer a wide range of customized options, get neon signs as per your requirement in shape, size, thickness, and whichever name or letters you want. Magnificent neon lights will give an esthetically pleasing look. Durable, Bright in Day or Night, convenient, energy efficient. Get perfectly designed eye catching neon signs in the affordable price range and with low maintenance.

Moving Message Signs

This is an attractive and exciting way to attract passerby’s attention.  Moving message signs scroll the message you want to get more attention. Movement and the bright LED light of words are effectively eye catching. LED moving message displays make it easy to display a long message. We offer the best quality LED Sign Boards in Chennai.

We design for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Display multiple messages at one time. Wide variety of applications for Malls, Railway Stations, Hotels, Sports Centers, Company Signboard, Cafes, for Bus Terminals, etc. We range affordable LED moving message display board prices.


  • Programmable via software.
  • Display or change the messages you want.
  • Visible, bright, effectively eye catching
  • Aesthetically pleasing led boards.
  • An easy and quick way to provide information.
  • Cost effective and requires less maintenance cost.


LED Signs

Decorate and light up your place with LED signs. May it be to improve the environment by decorating lights or use it for commercial purposes for shops, malls, cafes, etc. Customized as per your requirements in the shape, size, thickness you want, also your needed LED letters or symbols. Get simple LED lights or LED neon. Installation is quick and easy. Made with high precision, latest technology, and high quality raw material. Hitech vision ensures to provide excellent quality LED Sign Boards in Chennai.


  • Highly durable to resist environmental conditions.
  • Made of top quality raw material.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Bright, visible, and clear.
  • Affordable price range. 
  • Energy efficient and long lifespan. 


Illuminated Sign

Hitech Vision offers a wide variety of illuminated signs. Use it for interior and exterior purposes, as decoration or business signs, for shops, parties, malls, hotels, etc. Illuminated signage is nothing but just adding the light element in the letters or symbols. It allows being seen in a day or night from a long distance. We design the sign of illumination as per your requirement in your need letters, signs, or symbols. Illuminated signs are easy to mount on the wall. Customized with high quality raw material and the latest technology. Great manufacturing and precise working is done. Highly durable, efficient, long lifespan, in an affordable price range. Designed aesthetically pleasing and eye catching. We offer the best quality LED Sign Boards in Chennai.

Electric Pole Kiosk

Pole Kiosk is a small version of billboards. Easy, compactable, cost effective way of Advertising. Allows you to advertise and branding of your business. It is compact advertising solution to easily grab the attention of customers. These hoardings are highly visible in the traffic zone area or in the market area. We create a custom, commercial sign design as per your requirement. Hitech Vision offers a tremendous range of customized Metal Letters Chennai. Highly durable to serve in the environmental condition. Graphics are made of high quality colors. We design the perfect pole kiosk according to your needs and requirements. Boards can be made simple or with a combination of LED lights/Electric Pole Kiosk as per your specifications. 

Edge Lit Signs

High tech vision is engaged in offering the best quality Edge Lit Signage. We use top quality raw material, the latest technology, and skilled experts to deliver the best products to our customers. Hitech vision provided edge lit acrylic sign in designs according to the specifications given. Our Edge lit led sign has high demand due to its excellent quality. Made durable enough to serve in environmental conditions. We make sure to create stunning, bright but clear, illuminated signages. Get Edge Lit Signage for making people aware about the rules. or to display promotional products. Hitech Vision offers the best quality Signage Chennai. We offer to provide you personalized signage for commercial or personal purposes, eye catching for the passerby.  

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