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Indoor Display

HiTech Vision is one of the leading Sign Board Manufacturers in Chennai, and delivers the best indoor sign boards in Chennai. Whether you are looking for indoor displays to relay information about important meetings and events to your employees, or are looking for hotel menu sign boards in Chennai, we can design and build for you the perfect display and signage that caters to your distinct needs, requirements and preferences. We have worked with clients from all over the world for more than two and a half decades, and believe that indoor display and signages are the way to the future. They are cost effective and energy efficient, and restrict the grapevine system of communication, while also significantly reducing the carbon footprint by cutting down on the paper based circulation of information systems. Indoor displays are a more effective form of internal communication and provide little scope for miscommunication or error of semantics.

There are numerous consideration while choosing an Indoor sign. Various factors like the applications viewing distances source of light ease of interchangeability choice of material plays a critical role in choosing the right indoor sign.

Hitech Vision has the range of products to offer for different applications. We have the capability to offer the right signs, the right specs, the right look to match your interiors.

Hitech Vision offers for the following for Indoor displays.

1. View Box (Front loading & Hatch Open )

2. Panel Light

3. Ultra Lite

4. Acry Light

5. Neon Marker

6. Snap Frame

7. Sandwich Acrylic

View Box (Front loading & Hatch Open )
The View box are generally used for menu board, Mall signs, Showroom signs, Exhibitions etc., The sign is made of 7cm thick aluminium extrusions. It is coming in both front loading as well as hatch open options for changing the posters conveniently with out removing the entire board. View boxes are offered both with regular tubes as well as LED’s.

Panel Light
One of the most used backlit panels. It is made in Aluminium edge lit technology to give the image even brightness. The image can be easily be loaded from front ideally suited to handle frequent image changes. Due to new design the edge lit panel has crossed the barrier of size in to a larger display panel. Could be hung on a wall vertically or horizontally or placed on a stand available in a 3ft x 6ft.

Ultra Lite
Ultra lite is a slim elegant looking signage that has an international look. It is a combination of Aluminium extrusions and acrylic with magnetic holders. Translie media is the best media for this product and you can change the image easily imported LED with higher lumen makes it bright and attractive. Available size 2.5ft x 4ft max.

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