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LED Signs

Outdoor led sign

Outdoor led sign the way you want, available in diverse types of fonts, designs, and shapes. With high-quality bright LED lights. Widely used for outdoor applications for stores, shops, hotels, any public building, or business work. Give your business, brand identity using the outdoor led sign. Outdoor programmable led signs double-sided so that brand name can be seen from both sides to passerby. Outdoor digital is the best advertising element for attracting customers. Outdoor led sign boards have versatile application for an entry way, direction, informative boards it helps to place impression on the customers. Hitech is the leading LED Sign Boards in Chennai, presents the best quality, best service, and precision lettering with new experiments, innovation as per client requirement also no maintenance cost, and at best affordable price.

LED Signage

LED Signage, to grab people’s attention and give new hotness to your brand. Hitech deals with the best, LED Sign Boards in Chennai. We deal with all the types of LED signage, the way you want. We have a diversified range of LED sign boards, Hitech is known for its best quality and durability. LED signboard provided by us delivers great image, video, font quality to give you the best eye-catching experience. Outdoor or Indoor applications for Stores, shops, hotels, stadium, for advertising in public areas. We offer a different range of creative signage, for different purposes as per your requirement at a reasonable cost. We also have two types of digital signboards, one with touch control and the other semi-automated with low cost. We offer a varied range of LED Signage with the best features, in your budget, no maintenance, great sustainability.   

LED Neon Sign

We are presenting the best quality LED Neon sign, highly demanded in the market. Best Customized service, at affordable prices. Hi-tech is the best signboard manufactures in Chennai. Neon light signs are always an attraction, as they are bright with eye-catching colors. May it be for decoration or advertising, both for indoor and outdoor applications. Get customized neon light signs for home. We have numerous colors, fonts, and customization the way you want. Get it in form of letters or shapes, symbols with high-quality LED and bright lights. There is no risk or any type of hazard, it’s risk-free as we use the best quality manufacturing process and skilled laborers. Hitech tends to furnish durable, maintenance-free, affordable LED neon sign. We give our best to satisfy our clients, with high precision work.

LED Letter Sign

LED Letter Sign, are attractive to use for home decoration, presenting your brand, outside stores, hotels, etc. Hitech customize led letters according to clients’ specifications. We are leading LED Sign Boards in Chennai, provide the best quality, bright LED, and attractive letter sign. Get your name customized to decorate at home, get customize names for the business. 3D Letter sign with different types of material from metal to plastic on different kinds of surfaces. We ensure to maintain the precision of letter cuttings, durable both for indoor and outdoor applications. The LED letter is visible and attracts the attention of more customers towards your brand. We facilitate to experiment and innovate as per client requirement at an affordable price with, no maintenance cost. 

LED Exit Sign Board

LED Exit sign board, or emergency exit sign board. Why prefer the LED Exit sign board will be a question that may arise in mind. But LED Exit signboard is brighter, makes it easy for peoples to know. Whereas for an emergency it plays a vital role. Hitech is the best Sign Board Manufacturers in Chennai, LED Exit sign board are durable to use for the long term without any maintenance cost. We provide an exit sign board with battery backup. Exit light board are available from low budget to high budget as per client requirements to suit their business. Our working experience with big brands, skilled laborers, and modern equipment always provides the best of our work to every client without any complaints.

LED Bar Sign

LED Bar sign, attracts customer attention. With bright colors, electric display, battery backup, and no maintenance. Different modes of light in, required fonts, which require shape and size the way the client wants. Easy to use, with an attractive design and best quality. Hitech provides the best-LED Sign Boards in Chennai, with the best service. LED Bar sign is a perfect decoration item and customize, can be also gifted for home decor. We offer the best quality range with the best price range. Our foremost aim is it fulfills clients’ requirements by making the best service. Hitech has no compromise over quality and precision work. We are always open to make new experiments with customization.


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