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Reception Signages

Reception Signages are the impact points of any government or corporate office, and powerfully project your brand image and brand identity to your clients and customers. HiTech Vision, one of the Best Reception Signage Board Suppliers in Chennai, offers a wide variety of reception signages in different formats, materials, and different styles and designs. We design and create reception signage that blend in to be a part of your office architecture while also standing out to leave an impact on the viewers. It is very important to have a reception signage that conveys the efficiency, style and personality of your business or government organization, and sends the message that you are committed to your job, and are widely recognized for it. Not only does it make a point of impact, it also reflects your skill, caliber, style, and meticulous attention to detail.

Reception Signages are signages used at the reception area creating the first impression to a visitor. Hitech Vision offers reception signages with a vide variety of materials, styles and colors.

Hitech Vision offers the following types of reception backdrops

(1) Reception wall plaques with 3D lettering

(2) CNC cut metal letters

(3) Cast metal letters

(4) Foam letters

(5) Poly urethane letters

(6) LED Halo lit letters

(7) LED back lit letters.

Often the reception sign is the first Point of visual contact that a potential customer has with your business. Hence it is important and worth while to create a reception sign and have the best first impression. Make a striking and professional statement to the potential customers with the variety of reception signages. Hitech Vision is offering…

Hitech Vision offers the best Reception signages in Chennai for Corporate Identity Programs (CID), Petrol stations, Banks, IT Parks, Multiplex theatres, Shopping Malls, Industrial Parts, Retail outlets, Restaurant.

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