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sign board materials for your outdoor signages and how to choose them

There are a lot of subtle ways to market your business. It can be expertly done so much that the customers forget that they are being fed marketing messages without them realizing it. One such tactic is in the hands of your Sign Board Manufacturers in Chennai

Attractive signs with the name of the business, its logo, tagline, or any other promotional detail can affect sales. It has the potential to drive customers in. Hence, it is necessary to make a good decision on the signboards you order. It needs to survive the test of time. It should be attractive, and also, it must be economical.

So, what are the materials available for signboards, and what influences your decision in choosing or eliminating one? Let us dive deeper.

Why are signboards necessary for my business?

Before we come to know about the types of materials used for signboards—there is a need to answer a question. Why are signboards essential for my business? The signboards play an important role in creating much-needed awareness for the brand. It educates customers about your brand and helps them decide whether you can fulfill their needs. In short, a signboard is a silent ambassador for the brand.

Materials for better signboards        

Most of the Name Board Makers in Chennai have a wide range of materials to cater to the distinct needs of their clients. It is up to the business owner to select the best materials for the signboards at his store. We would see more on the factors to choose them later in the section. But for now, let us see the materials available to make your name boards.

1 – Aluminum

Aluminum is the most frequently used material—both indoors and outdoors at the stores. But, its true potential is outdoors. They are normally used to make panels but also used in concert with other materials for a sturdy outcome. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum.

Advantages of Aluminum

  1. High durability and strength
  2. Good malleability
  3. Less weight
  4. Reduces complexity of printing
  5. Scratch and Waterproof

Disadvantages of Aluminum

  1. Some may not like its metallic shine
  2. It may be easily dented
  3. It reflects hard light and hence may cause visibility problems

2 – Acrylic

Acrylic closely follows Aluminum as the widely used material. The scope of acrylic is very wide. It is mostly used in LED Sign Boards in Chennai and in the Metal Letters Chennai. The lighting can be soft when it is covered in an Acrylic panel.

Advantages of Acrylic

  1. Immune to corrosion and rust
  2. Does not glare
  3. Highly resistant to UV rays

Disadvantages of Acrylic

  1. Heavy
  2. Tedious to repair them
  3. Costly

3 – Vinyl

Banners are mostly made with Vinyl. They are more adaptable and hence serve a wide range of applications. 

Advantages of Vinyl

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Best suited for short term use
  3. Easy to maintain
  4. Portable

Disadvantages of Vinyl

  1. Less durable
  2. Cannot be used for a longer duration

Considerations before deciding a material

  • Local weather conditions – The weather conditions of your area affect the choice of materials. For instance, if the area is windy, using a sturdier material is essential.
  • Maintenance – No owner can keep cleaning the sign often because it may be time-consuming. Hence prefer low maintenance signboard materials and that are easier to clean.
  • Cost of the material – Make sure you get the best quality without compromising on the cost. Plan your budget accordingly.
  • Duration of use – It will not make sense to buy a sturdier long-lasting material if it is to promote a day’s event. Hence, pick the material to suit the purpose
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