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Signage is one of the essential marketing tools to connect and get recognized with your audience. One of the popular signages that most retailers use for their business is name plates. You have pretty good options to choose the name plates. Cardboard, paper, metal, cardstock, wood, embossed, and printed nameplates are some of them. Etched name plates are also popular options because they are more classical and functional than other signage options. The sign board manufacturers in Chennai do a pretty good job with the etched nameplates through their unique processes and cravings. Hence, in this post, let us see the things you need to know about etched name plates. This post will walk through the process of making etched name plates, materials, and applications in various sectors.


The process involved in making the etched signage is a chemical process. Before knowing the process of these name plates, let us know the materials involved in making them.

  • Brass: It is a commonly used metal for this signage and has higher availability. Brass etched name plates give an elegant and classy gold sheen.
  • Aluminium: This metal has high availability and is inexpensive to work with.
  • Bronze: It gives the name plates a reddish-gold finish.
  • Stainless steel: It is one of the best options to work with as these are versatile, durable, and resistant to corrosion.

Thus, name board makers in Chennai use either one of these metals in the etched signage for their customers.


There are numerous methods involved in making the etched name plates. The most popular process in etching is the chemical acid etching. The material to be etched is sunk under heavy chemicals, and the acid melts the exposed part and retains the closed parts.

So, the approved metal frame is first engraved on an artwork film. This film is shot by UV light and vacuum on a silkscreen in a separate room. The taken shot is burned into an industrial mesh, and an emulsion is used to block the copy parts by exposing the design.

Next, the output product is dipped in the acid tank to melt the exposed parts, and the design leaves an impression on the required metal surface. Once the finished metal is checked for any defects, it is processed further for polishing, adding holes, adhesives, round corners, and the colour that has to be filled on the metal letters Chennai.


Thirdly, businesses that need to mark their product with the manufacturing, serial, and model numbers can use these etched name plates. Similarly, the etched sign boards Chennai can be seen at the most functional areas to have a sleek and elegant look. Hence, one can say that etched signages are ideal for your businesses when you are looking for a cost-effective option and efficiency.

Therefore, consider the things suggested in the post to incorporate in your next project. Hitech Vision – the best – LED sign boards in Chennai, are here to assist you with high-quality and durable signage for your projects.

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