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What do you think when you see the alphabet ‘M’ in the golden arches? McDonald’s, right. Then what about a red image with a play button at the center? YouTube. See, you say the name of the restaurant or an application by seeing their representation.

It is called a marketing strategy, and owners use this type of signage to promote their brand and business. Hence, signage plays a vital role in every stream and sector to attract the audience instantly. They create signage with so much effort that any passerby would stand for a second and approach their store. However, many store owners fail to bring up an effective signboard, even putting in a lot of effort.

A nationwide survey conducted by the FedEx office states that more than half of the small business owners prefer graphics and in-store signage for their stores. The survey also reveals that 64% of the business owners prefer signage over marketing online. Therefore, as you can see statistics show how creating an effective signboard with name board makers in Chennai is essential in the marketing industry. Hence, in this post, let us see a few tips for having effective signage.

Inducing colors in signage:

The foremost factor in creating effective signage is adding colors to the signboards. The sign board manufacturers in Chennai know that particular color, shade, and tint develops an emotion inside the people and provokes immediate action. These colors act very powerful and influence the customer to buy their product over their competitors.

The science behind these colors says that each shade determines human behavior. For instance, the red shade increases the sense of being alert and hungry. Hence, the red color is an excellent option for the stores having a clearance sale. Many restaurants include red shade in their logos to attract people. Similarly, green shade promotes calmness and relaxation, while purple is for royalty. Hence, there is a psychology behind every color, and choose your color according to your products and brand.


The readability factor for every signboard is essential, especially in the sign boards for hospitals. The signage consists of two components, namely, fonts and background. The backdrop of the signage will have a continuous background with graphics or fonts in the front. Hence, these two components need to be complementing each other. For example, black and white, white on blue, red on yellow, and many more will have a high readability factor. In some cases, you can even highlight the border and graphics to increase the readability.


The fundamental strategy is to use large fonts in signage. Experts say that larger fonts have a huge impact on the audience and the height of each letter should be at least 10 feet per inch. The font with 10 feet per inch has a high visibility quotient and is seen from 100 feet distance. Hence, stylish fonts are more suitable for indoor signage than outdoor.

Hence, the tips shared are also applicable to the home sign board. Therefore, consider the ideas suggested in the post for better marketing.

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