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Consumers are the building blocks for any business to progress. Thus, the business owners tries various methods to attract their audience. Digital signage Chennai is one of the effective ways to attract the audience is signage. However, many business owners do not get the maximum benefit because of wrong placement. They place the digital sign board on the empty walls or in the middle of the waiting room. Thus, deciding the place for the digital board requires both science and strategy. Similarly, you should also consider what type of audience you target and where they are. As customers move into your space, say a mall or store, they may wander everywhere with or without a clear purpose. So, it is essential to think about where to place a sign board that can serve its best. Hence, never rush on your digital signage placement and instead use the following tips to place digital signs for visitors.


The first place for the digital signage is the entrance. Entrance is the major transition point of any store from outside. So as customers enter the building, what value does it offer to your customers? Something like wayfinding. Yes, directions will allow your regular customers to explore new things and for the first-timers to know about your store. Thus, placing some interactive touchscreens at the entrance will surely tempt your customers. But make sure to provide enough touchscreens in the entrance to avoid crowding. A big crowd always frustrates people and discourages them from moving forward. If you have some space in the lobby, then use metal letters Chennai for directional arrows to point the screens or food court. Thus, the entrance is the best place for digital screens to get attention and interact with your customers.

Elevator banks:

Another best place for digital signage is the elevator banks. The elevator banks refer to the elevators, stairs, and escalators in a building. These are known as circulation elements in architecture because customers make use of these to transit within the buildings. Thus, the psychology of the people moving from one level to another level is different from moving from one room to another. Hence, a little information regarding what is up at the next level creates excitement in the audience. These are good places to display generalized information like what you are providing currently, what is present on the current floor and many more. Similarly, try to use the smaller digital screens in these places and reduce the brightness to some extent. Hence, while designing, ask your name board makers in Chennai to make digital signage less than 32 inches for digital board placement in elevator banks.


Thirdly, placing the digital board in exits is also important. It is the best place to display weather, transport information, companies you partner with, and many more. You can use these boards for thanking your customer and interactive sessions for feedback. Thus, by placing the digital board at the exit you can know more about customers’ expectations. Hence, approach the best sign board manufacturers in Chennai for more advanced options in digital signage.

Thus, these are the tips to place digital signage to make it work more efficiently for your business. If you want digital signage for your store contact Hitech Vision for LED Sign Boards in Chennai to make your venture reach the next level.

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