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Diverse Featured Sign Boards in Promoting Business

The sign board is a type of graphic display which can convey the message to the public effectively. In promoting businesses, sign boards are playing its’ significant role. Some best sign board manufacturers manufacture the eye-catchy sign boards with various sources like Neon, LED and some other sources. HiTech Vision, the best manufacturer of neon sign boards, backlit, and front lit and LED Sign Boards in Chennai offers you the sign boards with various letters in various textures, styles, and colors. Some of them are described here.

LED logo in ACP
This one is the admirable option which can promote your business terrifically and manufacture of these kinds of business Logo and sign boards need much attention. LED sourced Logo and sign boards are much brighter than any other. The logo is cut via ACP box and LED lights are placed inside the ACP Box. These sourced sign boards can grab the attention of the people even from the longer distance. This option is more useful while the provided business logo, slogans are thinner on the sign boards while promoting businesses.

LED logo with Rigid Letters
While manufacturing these kinds of sign boards, the letters are manufactured with solid acrylic, brass, foam, aluminium, metal and it pasted on the top portion of the sign board. It will give you the 3D appearance. But the brightness will be slightly less due to the additional acrylic letter layer. Some best manufacturer like HiTech Vision manufactures these kinds of Sign Boards Chennai.

LED Acrylic Letters in 3D
These 3D acrylic letters with LED is more attractive and it appears in bold. These kinds of letters and Logo can promote the business more effectively than any other. Some best manufacturers like HiTech Vision manufacture these elegant and attractive 3D letters and logo in various styles, and colors. And they not only manufacture acrylic letters and also Metal Letters Chennai, aluminium, brass, foam and some other which can be paced in any kind of texture.

LED Acrylic Letter with Black Vinyl
LED sourced acrylic letter on the sign board can glow brightly. To block the light in the front face of the sign board the well-experienced sign board manufacturers like HiTech Vision uses the back-glow effect. In this process, Vinyl is pasted in the front face of the sign board which blocks the light in the front face and makes the back region of the sign board to glow. In some cases, aluminium casing is also used for the back-glow effect. These sign boards are affordable in cost and in these days, mostly the people prefer these featured sign boards for their business promotions.


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