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There are different types of advertising panels that include LED panels, glowing signs, flex panels, neon signboards, acrylic boards, and more. A flat-screen is an LED board that uses light-emitting diodes for displaying the video ads. For the design of the LED board, LED lights are used. Usually LED display boards are used for billboards and storage signs. Glow sign boards are the type of signboard that can lights up the evening. It is made of neon, plastic, polycarbonate, flex PVC and other composites. Now let’s talk about the advantages of LED Sign Boards in Chennai.
LED boards have high durability:
LED signs are very trustworthy and it can last much longer than any other conventional signs. The lifetime of LED signboards is 3 to 6 years which is longer than fluorescent and neon. LED boards contain no gas inside so that it cannot be escaped or become dark. During their lifespan, they can hold a better level of brightness than any other lights.
You can use a different combination of colors:
LED light manufacturers are now manufacturing a wide variety of colors. You can choose from Red, Orange, Violet, Blue, Green, White, Pink, Purple and Yellow colors. Up to 16 million color combinations can be used to produce LED lights. You can also add animations, images, templates to your LED signboards. This benefits will help you to completely customize an LED Sign Boards Chennai.
You can circulate custom message in LED signboards:
Ordinary boards allow you to display only one message at a time to advertise. But this kind of problems are eliminated by the LED display board. Within few seconds, you can set up your LED board to rotate any kind of message.
LED signboards are more environmental friendly:
LED signboards use only about 10 watts of electricity which is 80 percent less electricity than neon lights. This reduced power requirement reduces the environmental stress and reduces your lighting costs considerably. No toxic gases like mercury are found in the LED lights. LED lights emit significantly lower heat than any other light. You can find a wide variety of LED signboards in HiTech Vision. That’s why we are the best Sign Board Manufacturers in Chennai.

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