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Exploring The Materials & Processes Of Etched Nameplates

In the realm of customizable and durable nameplates, etched nameplate signage Chennai has emerged as a preferred choice for various applications. These nameplates are crafted from different materials, each offering distinct characteristics and aesthetics to cater to diverse needs. Let’s explore the materials and processes involved in creating etched nameplates.

Aluminum: Lightweight And Customizable


The etched aluminum nameplate’s thickness ranges between 0.003-.0125. However, the aluminum 1100 series is standard, and other alloys are also available for making etched plates upon customers’ requirements.


Options include the classic mill finish or anodized variations, which can be customized to include various colors. The versatility of aluminum makes it an excellent choice for applications where both durability and a sleek appearance are essential.

Stainless Steel: A Blend Of Strength And Elegance


The etched stainless steel nameplate’s thickness ranges between 0.012 and 0.062, with the standard being the stainless steel 304 series. However, special orders can accommodate other alloys based on specific requirements.


The satin finish is standard for stainless steel, providing a timeless and elegant look. Stainless steel etched nameplates are ideal for applications demanding strength and aesthetic appeal.

Brass: Classic Elegance In Yellow


The etched brass nameplate’s thickness ranges between 0.020 and 0.062, typically using the 730 brass alloy. This yellow brass option provides a classic and timeless appearance.


A satin finish is the standard for brass nameplates, offering a subdued yet refined look. The unique aesthetic of brass makes it a popular choice for projects where a touch of classic elegance is desired.

Chemical Etching Process: Precision & Permanence

The common thread among these materials is the process of chemical etching, ensuring fine detail and front-to-back registration. This technique can achieve intricate designs on aluminum, brass, and steel, providing a single-color fill for the ultimate permanence.

Variable Data Nameplates: Meeting Modern Demands

In the past, engraving or metal stamping were the only nameplate options. However, today’s customers seek variable data nameplates that adapt to changing needs. With a combination of print and etch techniques, etched nameplates offer a solution that performs as required. Customers are encouraged to share their challenges, and the experts can tailor a solution to meet those needs.

Attachment Methods Tailored For Convenience

Etched nameplates offer flexibility not only in materials but also in attachment methods. Options include holes, slots, and 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive. Whether you prefer a traditional mounting method or a more contemporary adhesive approach, etched nameplates can be tailored to attach as desired. Pem studs are even available for blind mounting, offering a comprehensive range of choices.

Etched nameplates represent a blend of precision, durability, and customization. The array of materials and finishes and the versatility in attachment methods make them a go-to solution for many applications. If you seek a nameplate solution that combines aesthetic appeal with functionality, get a quote from HiTech Vision, one of the best name board makers in Chennai for etched nameplates to see how we can address your unique challenges.

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