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Acrylic Name Plates For Homes:

Unlike steel or wood which you can visualize instantly, acrylic is the less noted material. The Name Board Makers in Chennai say that it has all the features of glass apart from its fragility. They are shatter proof which makes them strong alternatives for glass. It can be even used to form aquariums as it has good water resistant properties. This makes them one of the excellent choices for outdoor signage. Most of the retail shop boards and roadside hoardings use acrylic.

Laser-Cut Name Plate:

A house name plate is produced by using two contrasting coloured sheets in this design method. First colour forms the base for the name plate. While the house details and names are cut in the second color which is then inserted on the base sheet using chloroform as they do not use any kind of printing method.

Acrylic Engraved Name Plates:

Acrylic sheets are available in several colors. But, transparent medium is the most popular form which replicates glass. Lasers present on these transparent acrylic sheets create attractive name boards. It is the essential approach to the design and the Metal Letters Chennai appears like a matt finish over transparent acrylic sheet. These name plates are usually fixed with studs. These sheets can be used in various requirements and they are completely waterproof. The price of the name plate depends on the chosen layer of thickness.

Wooden Name Plates:

Wood is one of the ancient materials used for name plates. It can be an earlier form of your house’s name board. Moreover, the material cost is expensive as the raw wood name plates are on the costlier side. With the evolution, wood has been altered and modified in several forms. Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF) are made out of the other binding agents and of condensed softwood fibers. They are heavier than the structured wooden ply. These plates are usually produced out of reprocessed wood. So, it is less expensive than timber.

LED Name Plate:

The addition of light in these acrylic sheets make these an unique set of house name boards. Two colours of acrylic are used here. The first colour is cut on the laser machine and the other forms the base layer. The content and name of the name plates are cut through and the background is kept as it is. So, when the light is occured behind the layer of the base, the sun radiates through the house names and their details. This name plate will look attractive due to the lightness to the eyes. This can be used in LED Sign Boards in Chennai as it has high resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Thus, all the above types of name plate materials can be used for decorating your new house which can be chosen according to your cost and maintenance required.

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