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Signage or sign boards are an important aspect of any business or brand. And it’s one of the numerous things that consumers notice that draws them to your business. Signage or sign boards are highly significant since they display information such as the company name, contact information, and so on. Hence contact Hitech vision sign boards Chennai to get it done as per your requirement. 

Signs or glowing signboards can be used for a variety of purposes, including displaying instructions, highlighting events, and even displaying important information. We’ll discuss ‘glow sign boards’ and ‘types of glow sign boards’ further in this blog.

Glowing signage makes your entrance appealing and serves as the initial point of contact for visitors. It’s the main feature that displays your company’s name and emblem, and it should entice customers. The various varieties of glowing signages are described here.

1. D Acrylic Letters On Aluminium Composite Panel(ACP):

The ideal glowing signage for offices and retail businesses is acrylic box letter boards. These boards are created from laser-cut acrylic with LEDs embedded in the lettering for a captivating glow effect. These sorts of glow sign boards offer a glowing effect throughout the signs, even on the front surface.

2. 3D Acrylic Letters Signage Panel With Aluminum Channel:

The greatest light signage for office buildings and retail is channel letter signboards. This glowing signboard design is the most popular of all styles since it uses metal sheets on the sides and the lighting effect is solely on the front surface.

3. Signboards With Stencils:

2D Stencil Shaped Illuminated Sign Boards are ideal for detailed signage that includes more than simply the name and brand. The graphics on these neon signboards are carved out like stencils from an ACP sheet. They are not 3D, but they are on par with the foundation board.

4. Acrylic Signboards With Cutouts:

These glow signboards have a similar appearance to stencil cut signboards, but the letters protrude slightly from the bottom, giving it a unique look. These light signboards are ideal for displaying taglines, timings, and other pertinent information.

5. Acrylic Letters In 3D Stand Alone:

These glowing signboards are supported by a metal plate that is installed on the wall. The letters or each stand-alone element on these glowing signages have lights embedded in them, making them glow. Glow sign boards of this type can be used for any purpose, but they require a pre-existing framework or a wall as a foundation. Get your signage from Hitech vision LED sign boards in Chennai to withstand for long.

6. Sky Signs :

These sky signs, also known as glow sign boards, are high-quality, sturdy materials that can withstand heavy winds and other weather variables. This is necessary since these signs are used to designate tall structures and must be strong enough to resist severe winds and other elements.

7. Underglow Metal Letter Boards:

These glow sign boards are ideal for hotels, indoor signage requirements, and well-lit spaces. Because light cannot penetrate through the metal framework of these glow sign boards, light is put in the back to give it a new aspect.

8. LED Spot Boards:

Glow sign boards with exposed LEDs are mounted directly on the surface of the signage. As a result, they produce good lighting and may be seen from a long distance. These light signboards are ideal for those who want their sign to shine out and be really dazzling. Reach out sign board manufacturers in Chennai to know more about signage.

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