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Safety sign boards are used to draw more attention and highlight the facts that are not always noticeable. These are concerns about health, safety, and risk. They are installed in public and private places to prevent accidents and potential dangers. At work, safety signage has been shown to be quite useful in preventing negative situations. Hence, reach out for Hitech Vision sign boards Chennai to make your signages as per your requirements. However, it is essential to have certain insights on the industrial safety sign boards for maximum usage. Thus, in this blog you will know why it is important for implementing safety signage at work and what different colors indicate.

Aim Of Implementing Safety Signage At Work: 

Safety signs are a must since they keep everyone aware and cautious of any potentially hazardous surroundings and prevent any emergency situations. These are crucial when discussing any potentially dangerous situation.

Look at the different colours of these signs to see what they mean:


The colour red is associated with danger. It denotes a potentially dangerous scenario and warns the public about restricted locations. The colour red is commonly used to indicate danger like spreading of fire and related dangers.


The colour orange is being used to warn people about potentially dangerous portions of machinery or equipment. Labels on machinery indicate that the certain parts would be handled very carefully and need to be very attentive while working. You can also customise this as LED signages by reaching out for Hitech vision name board makers in Chennai.


The colour yellow signs are used to warn about physical dangers including such as falling, burning, being trapped in a choke point, or other general hazard. 


The colour  green is only used to indicate safety; there is no threat. It’s usually useful in pointing in the right direction or at the places that are safe for the individuals.


Information concerning the property policies is represented in colour blue. These do not have to be safety-related; they are just meant to raise awareness and provide information.


These signs, which have magenta writing on a yellow backdrop, are used to indicate radioactive materials or radiation-producing equipment.

Black and white:

These signs can only be used for directing traffic and indicating directions.

There are many different types of safety sign boards that we see in our daily lives; whenever we walk out, we are bound to see one or more of them. It may be a no parking sign, a fire alarm sign, or anything else, but we’ve definitely seen something similar.

These are utilised as a communication conduit in between information sources and the wider audience to create awareness of something that is uncommon. Allows you to gain a greater grasp of the incidents and events that may occur around us, allowing you to take preventative actions ahead of time. Reach out to the sign board manufacturers in Chennai to get your required sign boards.

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