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placement guide for signboards to drive more sales to your business

Your business is very likely to succeed with the right placement of your signboards. Business owners should not underestimate the power that signboards hold as a great marketing tool for your business. It is not something that you paste your business name and logo. It has many functions in driving more sales to your shop.

Location is fundamental to the success of the business. It will also apply to the placement of the Signage Chennai. Your prospective customers get to know about the existence of the store through the signboards. To put it simply, if you do not have a signboard, you do not have a company. It is true as far as consumers are concerned. 

Here is a placement guide for Signboards to drive more sales to you!

Locations for placement 

Before we go into details, let us know the suitable locations for placing the signboards. 

  • On the wall – This placement is prevalent in all stores. The signboard is put up against the wall that it is visible to the consumers. The board is either placed right into the surface of the wall or nailed to it. 
  • Close to a rack of products – Have you ever picked up a product off the shelf by seeing the ‘10% discount – LIMITED PERIOD OFFER ONLY’ next to it? That is what signboards will do. You can place them beside any products available on special offers.
  • Behind Checkout counters – If you use this location right, you can maximize your sales. Ads, information, and other relevant displays in checkout counters can make people buy more at the last moment. 
  • The store window – You might have seen many LED Sign Boards in Chennai at store windows. It is helpful for the business to bring in customers who will not generally stop by for something or have not heard about your business.
  • Waiting areas – Customers want things to get done quickly. They may hesitate to wait longer than needed. So, having strategic display boards in waiting areas can keep the customers engaged while they wait. 

What makes a good location?

You need to pick an appropriate location depending on the content you are sharing. Even a good location works opposite if you do not select it for the right purpose. So how would you decide?

  • If your goal is to create awareness, look for high foot traffic areas.
  • If your goal is to share information, the entrance is the best location.
  • If you are looking to interact with customers (like kiosks), pick a spot where people can stop and use it without any disturbances. Also, ensure the height of the placement.
  • If your goal is to generate new leads, your signboards must be in a place where it is visible for onlookers.  

What should you consider?


The signboards must be easy to read from a distance. You can use Metal Letters Chennai as they are legible and looks neat on the signboards. Customers can also recognize them from a distance. 


Name Board Makers in Chennai recommend that the signboards meet the person at eye level. It makes the customers read the message without straining too much. This factor is very crucial in the case of digital signs where people interact with them.


Place the signboards where people walk by in large numbers. In this way, they will drive in more sales to the business.

Now use this placement guide and drive more sales to your business!

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