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Have you ever thought about what would have happened if your brand didn’t use signage? Most probably, your customers would not have been able to identify your business. This is the power of signage that makes everyone witness and identify your business. Let us consider a situation. Imagine that you have a launch tomorrow, and you can’t wait to put up the signage. But now comes the worst case scenario where you can’t read the text from a certain distance and the font size is extremely low. You would have thought that you had chosen a big graphic, but somehow, it didn’t have the same impact as it did on the monitor. So, you need fundamental knowledge regarding the size, font, and shape. The name board makers in Chennai are best in making signages with an apt size that can be viewed clearly from any side. Hence, in this post, let us see how to choose the right size for your signage.

How to make signage easy to read?

The foremost thing in choosing the right size of the signage is to improve their readability. Therefore, you need to ask two things yourself:

  1. The distance between the reader and signage
  2. How long will it take for an average reader to read and understand the text?

So, if you put signage before your storefront it should be large and brief enough that even an average reader should be able to read from a certain distance. A good thumb rule is that for every 10 feet distance between the reader and signage, you need to add one inch to increase the height of the letters. So, a one-inch increase for every character will be more visible for every 10 feet distance. In case, if the distance between the reader and the signage is 40 feet, then you should at least increase the height of text letters to four inches. Thus, think about the appropriate distance that most of the audience will be exposed to and change the font size accordingly. The sign board manufacturers in Chennai follow this method to get the maximum out of the signage.

Time taken to read:

The next thing after considering the size of the signage is the time taken to read the text. Research says that on average a person can read 250 words per minute. That means the person can read four words per second. However, the suggested facts can be affected if the person is involved in some other task, say driving. Thus, include a text or information that can be absorbed by the passerby in a short span. Metal letters Chennai are ideal for conveying information to the audience because of their higher visibility.


Thirdly, before deciding the ideal signage ask yourself the following questions

  1. Where will it be located?
  2. How fast do the passers cross your store?
  3. The average distance of a reader

By answering these questions you may get a clear idea about the signage and its appropriate length.

Hence, these are the factors to be considered before deciding on signage. You can approach Hitech Vision who also offers LED sign boards in Chennai is the best for dealing with signage solutions.

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