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Indoor signage is beneficial in a variety of settings, including workplaces, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores. Indoor signage can be used to build the workplace culture, provide information to visitors and promote the brand. Indoor signage is crucial at trade exhibitions, conferences, concerts, and more. Indoor signage can be used in a concert venue to direct visitors and advertise upcoming events or to advertise your exhibit to grab people’s attention.

You can guarantee to obtain the ideal signage solutions by working with Hitech Vision which offers unique and appealing sign boards Chennai. We’ll work with you to select the best material for your needs and print your signage with cutting-edge methods and tools. In this blog, we shall learn about some of the materials used for indoor signage.

Materials Used For Indoor Signage


Vinyl is an excellent medium for a wide range of interior signage styles, including decals, stickers, and window graphics. Vinyl is a synthetic plastic substance that can be used to create a flexible yet strong surface. Vinyl is the primary component of many different types of banners. Banners may be hung throughout your workplace, retail space, trade show, or other sites with the use of some simple.  Signage Chennai employs vinyl to create decals that can be applied to various surfaces like windows, ceilings, and floors.


When you need to create a temporary sign or exhibit that yet looks professional, foam core is the ideal material to utilise. It is used to create custom-shaped signage, board signs, booths and more. It is made out of a styrofoam core that is coated on both sides with paper stock. This stiff material is extremely light and affordable. 

Foamcore is the perfect material for short-term use but since it is made of foam and paper, it is also readily destroyed. It is frequently used for meetings, seminars, trade exhibitions, conferences, and other occasions. Even retailers may use it to boost sales and briefly advertise a new product. Consider using foam core if you need a material with a polished look at a reasonable price.


Acrylic is a strong, transparent plastic that may be used to make personalized signs and displays as well as clear covers for other types of signage. Acrylic may be colored and contour-cut into certain forms. Acrylic is ideal for incorporating a three-dimensional aspect to your signs because it is lightweight, strong, and professional-looking. For instance, it may be used to create a sign with 3D graphics. It is resistant to peeling, cracking, and fading and can be used for both inside and outside signage.

Sign board manufacturers in Chennai at HiTech Vision offer devoted partners to meet your demands and make suggestions for the best feasible solution to help you achieve your objectives. We know-how to assist you in selecting the appropriate signage materials and printing high-quality artwork to provide attractive and professional signage. We provide many different indoor signage formats, such as reception signage, acrylic lights, neon makers, and more.

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