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The ultimate aim of creating signage is to attract general customers and increase sales. For any business, be it a small or large scale, it is essential that you create attractive and eye-catching signage for your store. Hence, by implying these, you would be able to create numerous opportunities to generate revenues and sales for your business. If you are looking for such outstanding sign board manufacturers in Chennai, then approach Hitech Vision, who could be able to offer you some excellent sign boards as per your customization.

However, here are some tips that you should know for creating enticing outdoor signage.


The foremost thing in creating adorning signages for your store or business is that they should be bigger enough. So, regarding signage, be it metal letters Chennai or digital, you need to be sure that your signboard is visible and big enough. You should also be aware that everyone does not have a vision score of 20/20, so making your sign board bigger will make the audience read them from a reasonable distance.

Hence, it is ideal to go by the thumb rule, which states that for every 10feet distance of signage, add one inch of height to the letters. So, incorporating these rules in your signage will offer excellent visibility to the audience who is 100 feet away.

Font Style:

Another thing that should be considered in creating outdoor signage is the font style. The font style, which is highly detailed or ornate like the cursive fonts, may be hard for passers-by to read at a glance. Your creativity must be conveyed to the audience as soon as they see it. So, the ideal font style should be an uncluttered one like Sans Serif fonts. It is also to be noted that you pay attention even to small details in your signage for more visibility.

Contrast Color:

Thirdly, colors also play a crucial role in the signage. So, when you are planning for outdoor signage, focus on the colors in which you wish to display your business identity. Hence, it is ideal that you use natural colors that perfectly blend well with the environment and make your sign board stand out from others. The name board makers in Chennai suggest using red and yellow with black lettering is best for your signage. However, you can discuss with them for more professional advice on the signage.


Lastly, never miss adding the logo or image of your business. Adding a logo will not only make you stand out from the competitors but also helps in attracting customers depending on the creativity or flashiness of the same.

Hence, consider the tips shared in the blog to ensure that your outdoor signage improves your branding. Hitech vision, the best manufacturer of LED sign boards in Chennai, is here to offer you extraordinary outdoor sign board possibilities to take your business to the next level.

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