LED Sign Boards in Chennai


LED Sign Boards in Chennai

LED Sign Boards in Chennai is being offered by HiTech Vision, one of the top LED sign board manufacturers in Chennai. We have been in the LED sign board industry for more than three decades, and have extensive knowledge and skills while working with top clients across the globe.

LED sign boards are the way to the future; with their cost effective and energy efficiency, LED sign boards have completely changed the scenario of the sign board industry in less than a decade. We at HiTech Vision, the leading Sign Board Chennai, understand the need for effective and cost efficient LED sign boards, and provide highly tailor made LED sign boards using the latest technology and equipment. We also produce quality Metal Letters in Chennai apart from LED sign boards. A well designed, well made and artistically executed LED sign board adds to the brand identity and sends across an impactful message to all the future clients and customers. You need for a perfect Sign Boards in Chennai is met by our cutting edge services.

LED Sign boards are sign boards whose source of lighting is LED. As a leading supplier of LED sign boards in Chennai. Hitech Vision offers LED sign boards for both indoor & Outdoor Application. Our product of Signage in Chennai is the most in demand.

For outdoor application LED’s can be used for backlit signboards, replacing the conventional tube lights. It is more efficiently used for backlit signboards with channel letters or box lettering. LED signboards are devoid of the typical maintenance problems of the neon signboard or tube light powered signboard.

Advantages of LED & LED Sign boards

Long Life:

Comparing to the other lighting technologies LED Sign Board has a long life of roughly 3 to 5 year with 8 hours of operation per day.

Low Energy:

Comparing to fluorescent and neon lighting systems, LED Sign Board’s are 80% to 90% more energy efficient. Hence the larger the LED signboard the more the customer save on the energy.


LED’s are also called Solid State Lighting (SSL). As they are made of solid material with no filament or tube or bulb to break. Hence they can be comfortably transported anywhere without the risk of damage, while neon and fluorescent tubes require special packaging during transportation.

No Warm-Up Period:

The LED light in LED Sign Boards light instantly – in nano seconds.

All Weather Conditions:

LED’s “like” low temperatures and will start up even in subzero weather. LED Sign Boards are also water proof and can be even put under water. Also, LED outdoor sign boards have been used under high temperatures comfortably. Fire and shock hazardous are reduced substantially.

Excellent Colour Rendering:

LED’s never wash out colours like other comparable light sources such as fluorescent lights, making them perfect for displays and retail applications. LED Sign Boards can also be blended with colors, to form a variety of colours.

Environment Friendly:

LED Sign Boards contain no mercury or other hazardous substances.

User Friendly Installation:

Generally skilled technicians are required for installation of fluorescent tubes or neon. But LED Sign Boards can be installed comfortably by anyone with minimum skill sets.


LED’s can be controlled for brightness and colour.

Future of LED’s:

LED’s continue to get brighter, more efficient and cheaper. It is predicted a two to three times improvement in efficiency and brightness before the decade is over with substantial price decreases. Whether these predictions are true or not is a question mark, but what is certain is that huge investments are being made in this technology every year ensuring a bright future for LED Technology.

Hitech Vision has got years of experience in LED Sign Boards and we are the leading Name Board Makers in Chennaisourcing capability across the globe, hence the customers can be rest assured to get the best signage designs made from LED in Chennai.

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