Neon Sign Boards


Neon Sign Boards

Neon Sign Boards are electric signs lit by luminous tubes that contain neon gas. Neon or other inert gases at a low pressure. When a high voltage is applied the gas glows brightly.

Neon Sign Boards are bright eye catching and gives the distinct visibility and brightness from a long distance Neon Sign Boards are available both for indoor and Outdoor applications.

Neon Sign Boards are produced by craft of bending glass tubes in to shapes by a skilled workers known as glass bender. Tubes are generally available in the range of 6-15mm. With 1mm wall thickness which are available in variety of colors. The cold cathode electrode is welded to each end of the tube has it is finish.

The finished tubes are powered by a neon signs transformer running at voltages between 3-15kv and currents between 20-120ma. With neon tubes text can be written or picture can be drawn based on the customer needs. By presuming sequences of switch ON and OFF there are many possibilities from dynamic light putters that from an animated image.

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