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Signage is essential in any business to promote its brand and price. It acts as an instrument between the customer and seller to communicate a message. Hence, signage is a must to display or convey the message to the targeted audiences. There are various types of sign boards available in the market. Each is unique and serves them effectively. However, the typography that you decide on in the signage Chennai has an impact on your business. Nowadays, there are numerous fancy fonts available, and it is hard to choose the right one. Hence, in this post, let us know the various font styles and certain things to remember before selecting a font for advertising.


The foremost thing to remember before choosing a font style is readability. This factor is essential while planning a sign board because a visitor should read your sign board that is placed 1000 feet away. Hence, the readability in metal letters Chennai or any signage is how each word stands out easily and helps the audience to read. A good thumb rule for higher readability is to choose the traditional fonts like Arial and Times New Roman. These classic styles will help the readers to understand the message far better than the fancy ones.

Font size:

The most important factor next to readability is the font size. The size that decides your content increases the weightage of the readability factor. The size of your font helps the audience’s visibility and reading time. The average font size of your advertisement should not be smaller than the size of 18. For example, if your signage or billboard is 6 to 8 inches in height, typically found on the highway. So, the size of each letter should be at least four inches in height. It allows the motorists to read the message within four seconds at a driving speed of 60mph. Hence, you can see how font size plays a vital role in advertising and how viewers view your poster within the specified time.

Brand message:

Thirdly, it is important to write the message about the brand in a very concise manner. It is because larger fonts require extra space on your board. So, tag lines and fewer rhythmic words can grab the audience much faster than the longer ones. So, to choose an effective brand message, list down the keywords that are suitable for your brand. It will help the name board makers in Chennai to select the font style and size for the respective keywords. 

Backdrop and colors:

Lastly, after selecting the font style, size, and content for your advertisement, choose the apt colors that complement each other. This factor also plays a vital role in readability. Avoid using soft and neutral shades in the billboards and choose bold colors like green, black, orange, and yellow for higher visibility. Hence, high contrasting colors will give a stunning image for the visitors.

However, people also choose LED sign boards in Chennai and other major cities to attract the audience even at night. So, apply the ideas suggested in the post to enhance and make a good impression on your brand.

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