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Sign boards are very important in daily life either for outside use or for inside usage. A safety sign board material is different from other materials and mostly it does not fit for all places. It is important to choose not only perfect sign boards but also perfect material. At signage Chennai there are many materials available depending on the needs. Among them we suggest five different materials for extreme warning or safety guidelines.

Photoluminescent vinyl:

This material helps to give the information even in extreme dark places like close areas in the city or at places where power distribution is not available. This material gives a bright glow in the darkest places which remains highly visible for any one. Sign boards using this material helps people to find the exit route in emergency situations like fire signs or any leakage occurs, etc. Signboards using this material are prepared with many layers of printing on 1mm PVC, so that totally it goes around 1.5mm thickness. This material is usually suitable for certain flat surfaces either internally or externally. The code you need to remember for bringing this exact material is “P”. Visit our sign board manufacturers in Chennai where you find extremely high quality materials for your needs.

High tack vinyl:

This high tack vinyl works as a stronger gummy than compared to standard vinyl. This high tack vinyl is known as the best sticker material ever for warning sign boards. This material is most suitable for plastic surfaces where the place mostly used to be rubbed. Due to its high properties it sticks for a long time even when the place is mostly cleaned. The code for this material is “HV”. The name board makers in Chennai help you to suggest the best signage for any usage.

Marine grade bruised 1mm stainless steel:

This material contains 316 marine grade stainless steel which is known as the highest quality material ever. This material helps to give a peerless quality for finishing. This material is mostly referred to by interior designers because it is most timesaving one in the preparation of signboards. This material is mostly suitable for climbing to flat areas both internally and externally. The code for this material is “AC”.

Correx corrugated plastic 5mm:

This material is made up of fluted polypropylene and later it was known by its brand name “Correx”. The speciality of this is it uses less material for any signboard and is easily recyclable. So this material is well known as environmentally friendly choices for any temporary signboards. Signboards with this material are extremely stiff in the directions of corrugations and less stiff in other terms. It contains less shipping weight where carbon emissions are decreased in delivery. The code used for this material is “5C”.

Aluminium composite:

This material is well known for its durability. This material is included with a polyester and aluminium. This material gives many choices extremely where the signboards are needed for climbing either internally or externally. The code given for this material is “AC”. Purchase sign boards Chennai which helps your audience to find your advertisement from any place they move.

There are still many materials used for signboards, among them these five are mostly purchased and used by many companies.

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