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A Complete Guideline To 3D Signage For Effective Branding

Your signboard is the first promoter of your business. Get it more attractive using 3D signage letters. In 3D signage, the letters and logos pop out of your signboard. You can use 3D signage inside or outside the office to make your brand look more appealing. A wide array of materials and colors is available for making 3D letters. According to your business need, you can choose different textures and styles. Get professional guidance in choosing the type and materials at sign board manufacturers in Chennai.

There are numerous applications of  3D signage. We have put together certain advantages. Let’s get started.

Lighting effects

3D signboards are usually a visual treat. A clever design with better lighting makes your signboards stand out from competitors. You can add different lighting effects and colours to different areas of your signboards. A multicoloured signboard gives an aesthetic look to your brand. You can use lighting to highlight only certain regions of your signboards. For instance, you can highlight only the logo or 3D letters. You can also use lighting to create shadows.

High visibility

You can see a 3D signboard from different angles, and this increases visibility. The customers can read your signboard even from a distant location, expanding your brand reach. Furthermore, 3D lettering gives a professional look to your business. A bright and radiant signboard increases your business.


You can get more creative in designing your signboards. You can use 3D letters only for a specific part of the business name or logo so that it becomes visually eye-catching and makes an impact. For example, you can make your brand name in 3D letters and tagline in flat letters. In addition, you can experiment with different types of styling formats to make them presentable. You can use 3D lettering almost in all styles. Reach out to name board makers in Chennai for customized signboards.

Choice Of Materials 

As mentioned earlier, you have the liberty to choose any material for 3D lettering. Some of the most commonly used materials include acrylic, metal, plastic and wood.

Acrylic: Acrylic is waterproof and durable. Acrylic signs are transparent and opaque. Penetration of light through acrylic helps in including light effects. Acrylic is available in various thicknesses, which aids in customization. If your business runs at night, it is best to choose an acrylic. They give you a corporate touch to your signboards.

Wood: If you want something more classy, then choose wood. With the availability of weatherproof wood, you can bring textures to your signboard. Wooden letters give an elegant touch.

Plastic: The durability of plastic makes them a popular choice for 3D lettering. You can also give different colour variations to plastic. Furthermore, plastic’s glossy look makes them a better option if you want different lighting effects.

One of the best things about 3D signage is that they are versatile as they come in different styles and textures. Contact LED sign boards in Chennai to know more about 3D signage customization. With more than 30 years of experience, HiTech Vision will help you choose the best signboard. 

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