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What makes a sign board interesting? Colors or your brand logo? Everything that you put on the board must create a sensation among the audience. So, it means only interesting things, right from the colors to visuals should be on your signage. According to the signage statistics surveyed by the Economics Center, the University of Cincinnati shows that a visible and unique sign board has a positive impact on business sales and profit. It also says that 60% of businesses’ sales, transactions, and profits have increased after changing the sign board and improving its visibility. It means illuminated¬†LED sign boards in Chennai are more visible than non-illuminated sign boards. Thus, you can see how signage is effective in bringing footfalls to your business. Therefore, in this post, let us discuss the key factors that improve the signage.


The foremost factor while consulting with the name board makers in Chennai is the illumination. Illumination is one of the essential components in signage to make your store visible at night. Do you believe that some stores lost their business just because of their invisibility at night? Yes, there are indeed, and the lighted sign boards act like a salesman 24/7. Hence, passersby notice your store when they pass through the store and may visit later when needed.


Similarly, illuminated sign boards Chennai can reach the audience in various climatic conditions like rain and fog. In the same way, the lighting components in the signage exhibit the feel of the store whether it is subtle or luxurious. Thus, your signage must connect with the audience instantly as soon as they notice.

Clear vision:

Thirdly, the important factor in the signage is placing them in the perfect location for higher visibility. There are some obstructions like trees, windows, and immovable building structures that hinder the visibility of the signage. In case if you’re using static signage like metal letters Chennai, you should choose contrast wall color or style to enhance the presence of signage. Similarly, look for the appropriate signage size that goes well with the surroundings. Hence, illuminated signage placed in an obstruct-free location helps to earn more customers and complements the building as well.

Hence, signage should have clear visibility day and night as well. You can even have internal illumination for the best result. In that case, you can use spotlighting or neon lighting from neon sign board manufacturers to have clear and bright signage.

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