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We might have crossed at least thousands of signage in our lives, and some had more significant impact than others. ACP sign boards are one such type of signage used prominently by many business retailers to grasp the attention of targeted audiences. ACP signage Chennai is made of an alloy of rubber and aluminum, which can be collectively known as an aluminum composite panel. They play a significant role in branding and promoting businesses with vibrant and bold acrylic colors and letters. Hence, in this post, let us see the role of ACP signage for all types of business and how effectively they can be used.


The foremost thing that makes the ACP signages more powerful is their making. It is made up of a non-aluminium core placed between the two thin aluminum coils. So, the name board makers use the aluminum panel at the top and bottom with a non-aluminium core like polyurethane plastic in the middle. So, thus these panels give extreme support to the boards, which enhances their durability. However, the thickness of these ACP panels is as thin as 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. The ACP boards include aluminum or similar metal letters Chennai customized as per the client’s requirements. Similarly, you can even add LED lights or make them glow to enhance them more.

General properties:

The properties of the ACP are outstanding and make them the most appropriate option for signage. As mentioned earlier, the ACP panels have thermal insulation and expand to 2.4 mm at 100 degrees celsius. Similarly, the tensile strength of the ACP is 30 to 58 N/mm² and elongates less than 5% than its original size. The absorption rate of the ACP signage is also higher. Peel strength is one of the character tests in signage and determines the material’s resistivity to withstand the peel or pull at the predetermined level. The peel strength in ACP is 12.00 N/mm² at an angle of 180 degrees.

The ACP signage even undergoes the punch shear test to determine the material’s mechanical properties like yield, strain hardening, ultimate strength, and related factors. The punch shear test for the material is 18 to 24 Mpa.


Another important factor why ACP signage is considered one of the best options for signage is its contribution. The ACP signage contributes to marketing and branding because they resist environmental conditions. The name board makers in Chennai and most places include the weatherproof materials in the ACP signage. So, the business owner need not worry about durability. The ACP boards have incompatible strength properties that make them resistant to corrosion and can withstand extreme temperatures. Thus, these properties make the ACP signage an ideal material for commercial complexes, shops, campuses, theaters, offices, related spaces. Similarly, the ACP signages are more appealing and have a seamless texture.

Hence, ACP signage can be considered one of the best exterior signage for their business. Thus, approach Hitech Vision – the best makers of ACP and LED sign boards in Chennai to promote your brand.

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