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Signboards play a vital role in promoting the business and brands. The sign boards are the first thing that the customer notices before contacting the owner. Signboards should convey the owner’s vision about the brand or business effectively. Therefore, the durability and stability of the outdoor sign board should be accounted for while designing the board. The name board makers in Chennai use different outdoor sign board materials to withstand the extreme weather conditions for the signage to stand for the years to come. Hence, below listed are the 4 common materials used in outdoor signage by every business owner. However, while choosing the outdoor signage it is essential to choose according to the location and needs. So, here is a wide range of outdoor signage materials that you can use for your next signages.


The foremost material that is used in outdoor signage is aluminum. Aluminum is the popular option when it comes to signage due to their amazing durability and availability. Most manufacturers of metal letters Chennai use aluminum as their prime source because of its lightweight, rigidity, and stability. The advantage of using aluminum is that it comes in three different thicknesses and serves various purposes.

Thickness Purposes
0.04 mm Political and real estate sign boards
0.08 mm Street sign boards
0.125 mm Heavy board signs on highways

Standard aluminum or alloy 3003 is one of the most popular alloys in outdoor signage where manganese is added to the alloy to enhance the signage strength. It is 20% stronger than the alloy 1100 and has excellent corrosion resistance. Similarly, brushed aluminum is used in the signage where the aluminum metal is given a satin finish that is unidirectional. The brushed aluminum is produced by polishing the substance with a 120-180 grit belt and further greased by 80-120 by non-abrasive metal.


Vinyl is commonly used for banners and for the sign boards Chennai that serve temporary purposes. It is less expensive and doesn’t last for a longer time than other products. Vinyl is used for advertising the new retailer shop or announcing the upcoming sale. The vinyl boards with the adhesive serve as a sticker and are applied to a window or wall. They can be cut into various shapes, sizes, and designs.


Dibond is a plastic core substance and an excellent material for outdoor signage Chennai. They have aluminum surfaces and are resistant to extreme weather conditions. Dibond is a weatherproof sign material that lasts longer due to the aluminum coating. Dibond can be cut into different shapes and sizes according to customers requirements.


Dura-wood is a combination of wood-plastic composite (WPC) and natural fiber powder like timber or wood. The WPC consists of recycled plastic (HDPE) which has the same feel and looks like wood with a durability of plastic. The regularly used wood needs to be treated chemically to strengthen the material. But dura-wood does not require any treatment to improve stability and is personalized according to the preferences.

Therefore, these are the commonly used materials by different sign board makers. Hitech Vision – the best LED sign boards in Chennai has a wide range of options to get recognized among the audience.

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