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As we all know, signage is one of the essential marketing tools used to promote their brand among the audience. But often, business owners don’t know or go wrong while choosing the ideal signage. It is also important to consider the materials used for the outdoor signage should be durable and visible for the targeted audience. The sign board manufacturers in Chennai are the best in providing long-lasting outdoor signage with durable materials. Hence, in this post, let us see the three ideal materials to consider for outdoor signage. These materials will give you knowledge regarding the different signage types. So, one can say that from planning to installing signage, it is essential to concentrate on each aspect as it can affect the views, message clarity, and impression.

Monolith signs:

The monolith signage Chennai is one of the fastest trending sign boards among business owners. A monolith sign is free-standing monopole signage that displays the company’s information with services. In monolith signs, you can create a visual impact at the base of the signboard, which can attract the passing traffic attention.

Similarly, the customers can see the monolith signs far away and offer the audience a double-sided view of the advertisements. The audience can also view the signage from front and back, which provides greater visibility. Monolith’s sign boards are made from stainless steel and timber, making the signs durable with a solid appearance. These signages can be coated with the required color and illuminated by LED lights. These are also called pylons and totems.

Channel or 3D signage letters:

Three dimensional or channel letters are preferred signage to highlight your brand. These signs give a modern touch, sleek finish, and real statement. Channel letters are made from acrylic, polycarbonate, or aluminium and are illuminated by low-voltage LED or neon lights. In some cases, the illumination color of the signage is obtained by vinyl covering. The letters are attached to the base through a trim cap. The trim cap is a commonly used signage material in the form of liquid coated with aluminium making them seamless and elastic. The name board makers in Chennai suggest using channel signage outdoors for greater impressions.

Channels letters can be classified into,

  • Front-lit: This type of illumination highlights the letter’s face with the help of LEDs.
  • Halo/reverse lit: In this type of illumination, the light is directed from the back of the letters onto the building to create a halo effect.
  • Front and back-lit: It is a combination of halo effects where the different colors are used to give a contrast between the front and backlight. This effect makes the metal letters Chennai or channel letter’s face in the front glow and the halo effect at the back.
  • Open face-lit: It is similar to the front-lit illumination but only with the difference of using neon lights. These sign letter faces are clear, making the interior exposed to the viewers.

These are ideal for your outdoor signage to make your business reach the target audience. Hitech Vision – the best LED sign boards in Chennai, offers you a suitable signage solution for your business.

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