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Signage is an effective tool for marketing your business, brands, and products. Brand awareness is essential for every business to reach new heights and boost profit sales. Many business owners choose the staple business signs for the storefront design. But, some business developers think of other ways and customize the board design as per their requirements. Hence, customizing the board design is an easy job for the sign board manufacturers in Chennai.

However, there are certain factors to be considered while customizing your creative signboard. Unlike the pre-defined ones, you have to solely decide on everything starting from the materials to the colors that have to be filled. Hence, you have to focus additionally on the customized sign boards for the best results. Every passerby should notice your unique board design. Hence, in this post, listed below are some effective tips to consider while designing custom signage.

Use compelling colors:

The foremost tip to consider while designing custom business signage is using compelling color. Different shades play a vital role in your business for well-designed and effective boards. Many business owners associate their brands with their respective colors for recognition. For example, huge brand products like Pepsi and Coke have blue and red as their dominant colors since their launch. So, choosing the right logos and signage will help the business owners to establish their products effectively. Despite choosing the signage materials like metal letters Chennai, one should keep a keen eye on the trendy colors. Similarly, make sure the colors you choose should have longevity because today’s modern colors may be an eyesore for the next generation.

Right contrast:

Another tip that brand owners should look into the customized signages is choosing the right contrast. Choosing suitable contrasting colors improves the readability of the signage. Experts say that most business developers include the content and the text in the center with the same color in the background. The readability factor reduces considerably, and the audience can’t read the signage from a distance. So, while customizing your signage with the name board makers in Chennai, make sure to use contrast colors between the said items and background to the customer’s attention. Some popular contrasting colors for sign boards are white in black background, blue and pink, indigo and violet, and many more.


Thirdly, the size of the signage also plays a vital role in promoting the business. The average size of the signage letters should be at least 10 feet per inch in height. The larger the size of the letter, the more the audience can read. So, customers who are at a distance of 100 feet can read the signage. Similarly, look for the classic font style rather than choosing a flowery font or cursive style to improve the readability.

You can even customize the LED sign boards in Chennai by including graphics and images. Hence, consider these tips while customizing the sign board for your business.

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